Saturday, July 11, 2009

SoloMoto: Day 1

By all accounts it was a good first day. As I type this blog entry on
my iPhone I am laying in a tent at a campground in Baltimore Ohio. So
I made about 400 miles today. Not a bad start but I need to do better

Today was intended to be a shakedown day when I could learn the
easiest and most efficient way to do things to make the trip go much
I learned that The Weather Channel app for the iPhone is a critical
piece of software. I noticed some dark clouds on the horizon so I
pulled over and checked out the forcast. The app is location aware so
I didn't have to bother looking up the local zipcode. I could see on
the radar that the rain band would not cross my path. I didn't have
to worry about putting on rain gear.
The phone was also very helpful in finding a campground. You simple
click on google maps, current location, then search for 'campground'.
Little puns drop on the map where the local campgrounds are. By the
way, KOA wanted $40 for a tent site. Seriously.

I met a guy at a valley overlook in Virginia that at one time rode his
bicycle from California to Pennsylvania. THAT'S a road trip. I also
met a woman that named her gps Myrtle.

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