Saturday, July 4, 2009 Is Up and Running

I just finished the site for my cross country motorcycle website, Since hopefully my Mom will be visiting the site to see what I'm up to let me take a minute to pretend that she cares how it works and explain it to her in laymans terms.

Soooo...all the data I create on the road will be automagically uploaded to the big internet cloud in the sky via my iPhone and MacBook. What I cannot upload cellularly I will use the nation's libraries and McDonalds free wifi for. The cloud analogy is not mine but I'll stick to it for this post.

So now all this data is swirling around in the cloud. That's where comes in. If you don't mind we'll keep the cloud analogy going. This internet cloud is made up of everyone's data. Data = rain. is my rain collector.

The cloud is actually a bunch of sites scattered across many servers all over the internet.

  • host my pictures

  • YouTube and Vimeo have my videos

  • this site (Blogger) hosts my blog

  • Loopt shows my geo-position

  • Google maps is storing my route information

  • Amazon has all my gear listed with convenient links so you can buy stuff and I will get kicks-backs from Jeff Bezos

  • and my tweet of course, come from Twitter.

Michaelb1 gathers up all the data from those myriad sites and sticks them on one page for your convenience. So Mom, it's like having your own personal rain cloud above your new garden.

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