Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Full of Stars

Camping at Badlands National Park was perfect. That wind out the north
that forced to ride on a 20 degree tilt on I90 made for a very
pleasant camping experience.
I rode up to the automated camping teller at about 730pm. It allows
you to pick your campsite by number but doesn't show you a
corresponding map to match the number with a location. I picked 76.
I set up camp, had a cup o noodles and jerky for dinner, and prepared
to do some star gazing. There wasn't a single cloud from horizon to
horizon. I wasn't dissapointed. I took some great photos with my best
low light lens set to the slowest shutter speed. Some photos, which
only capture a small portion if the sky, have hundreds of stars in
them. I havn't seen that many stars since I was at sea 13 years ago.

I have no idea where I am heading today other than west. I know I'm
running out of time if I want to be in Seattle on Friday.

Yellowstone and Glacier NP's are the only must see spots left on my
agenda. There's a lot more sites I want to see but I gotta start
making cuts on the list.

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