Saturday, June 6, 2009

First Long Ride

Last weekend I took my first real ride on my new bike. I took it though Maryland, West Virginia, and Virginia. The BMW R1200R handles much better than the Honda VTX. It should as it is designed to and the VTX is designed to just cruise.
On the way home from Tom's Run Relay I cruised through gorgeous valleys and many small towns. As a side note I only say one rebel flag hanging in a yard.
I've made a few adjustments to the bike since I got back from this road trip. I ditched the windshield because I like to feel the wind. I'll probably put it back on for my cross country trip. I also installed some handlebar risers. My riding position was just a little bit too forward leaning. The risers fixed that very effectively. I also intalled a GPS mount on the handlebar. I plan to purposely get lost on this trip but I want to be able to find where I'm going sometimes.
Love the new bike!

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