Saturday, September 12, 2009

Eco Cars: Engineering students give vintage MGB a modern engine

This is really cool. I wonder if this portends a trend to retro-fit classic cars with modern electric drive systems. First Neil Youngs LincVolt and now this. It's awesome.
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Friday, September 11, 2009

Patagonia Wool Wetsuits

Might have to check these wetsuits out and see if the market speak is true.

One review I read says they stay pretty dry and warm but they stink up faster than a normal wetsuit.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Collectable "Screw Earth" Doritos Package

Wasteful Packaging
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This thing is about the size of half of a cereal box and it feels like it's empty. It's actually "full" of 5 individually wrapped Doritos bags. Total weight = 3.4oz.

I could wallpaper my kitchen with what Pepsi / FritoLay uses to hold 3.4oz of Doritos.

Such waste.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

An Astronomy Professor's Take on Superman's Powers

Mr. Brashier,

I assume this was sent in jest.

I hope you don't get your "facts" from comic books, movies and TV shows.



On Tue, michael brashier wrote:

Dr. Geller,

During your lecture on the Sun we discussed how the temperature of the Sun dictates that it will emit roughly equal amounts of all wavelengths of light which makes it appear yellow/white.

Thus if the sun cooled down by approximately 1000K it would have a more reddish appearance.

Given the fact that Superman gets his power from the light of our yellow sun and conversely his home planet of Krypton had a red sun which drains his strength, can you please explain what characteristics of fusion within a star would produce super-human strength giving light at 5500K but not at 4000k?

The difference in temperature between a yellow star and a red star appears to correspond to a 100nm change in wavelength. Therefore it would appear that Supermans strength and bulletproofness are functions of a very narrow slice of the visible light spectrum.

On this issue science seems to directly contradict the facts presented in the comic books, movies, and TV shows.



E-book Reader circa 1998

DigiBook (1998)
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Cleaning out my desk I came across my idea from an ebook reader circa 1998.

It was all CD based. My idea was that magazine subscribers would receive a CD in the mail from Time, Rolling Stone et al., and put the CD in the reader.

My design was bifold to replicate the aesthetics of a real book as much as possible.

E-Ink was just starting to get some exposure at the time. There had to be many people with this idea. It's a wonder it took to long to come to market.