Tuesday, April 1, 2008

BagHacker Survey

I'm doing a little market research for my Entrepreneur class.  I've come up with a product idea that I think is pretty cool but I don't know if anybody else would ever buy one. I've posted it to digg.  We'll see if it gets any traction.
It works like this:
  1. Kid A (maybe 10 years old) collects the plastic bags that mom brings home from the grocery store.
  2. Kid A puts a bag into the Baghacker, turns on BagHacker.
  3. Kid A waits a few minutes and then takes out a fully formed, Lego like brick that he/she can then use to build stuff with.
I've done some testing in my own oven using bread pans and cookie molds.  The plastic will indeed compact and harden under heat and pressure.  I just need to find out if anybody would ever want to buy a product that produces toys using only the modern bane of the environment.
Any input I can crowd-source would be extremely valuable.  Good, bad, or indifferent I don't care.  
Oh, one last thing.  If anybody reading this knows how to bring a product to market feel free to contact me.  I've already submitted a project to guru.com and I've received some promising correspondence.  Over the next several weeks my Entrepreneur Studies Prof. is bringing in some finance guys to talk about funding.  
Right now I'm trying to cost it out and find out how much each piece will cost me so that I can start figuring out the manufacturing problem.

Would you buy a BagHacker?
Maybe if it's cheap enough.
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